Eating With The Seasons: Fall Edition

Stick With Seasonal Foods this Fall!

We all know the first step of improving health is through diet, and what better way of doing that than getting eating what nature wants us to - fresh fruits and vegetables at the peak of their harvest!

During my upcoming focus group, Eating with the Seasons: Fall Edition, we’ll be discussing reasons why sticking to a diet of seasonal produce is great for your body and explore all the health benefits that different fall produce offer to the body and your taste buds.

Don’t miss out on this fantastic resource. We kick off on Thursday, September 26th!

Meet Angela Warm, Focus Group Guide

As a certified Health Counselor and wellness advocate, I love helping women put their own health back at the top of their priority list. Having natural solutions on hand, reducing toxins in your home and having tools to improve your family's health is empowering beyond measure.

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Warm Wellness

Reap The Benefits Of Eating Local

You may be thinking ‘why a focus group?’ My focus group takes place over a 30 day period to help keep you motivated for real change. Every other day I will share useful information regarding seasonal eating and encourage you to try new foods and recipes.

Success is greater when you have to be accountable to others. Throughout the focus group, you will be prompted to share your experience and try new foods. I will explain what it means to eat seasonally and focus on abundant fall foods.

My goal is to help you end the cycle of dieting and learn how to eat healthier to reap the benefits of seasonal eating! Increase your chances of success and join with a friend!

I Can’t Wait to Share with You on Thursday, September 26th at 9:00 am CEST!